My name is Garry Lee. I’m a 25-year old blogger from East Kilbride, Scotland.

2012-2012 – PDA Book-Keeping – South Lanarkshire College
2010-2011 – MSc European Public Policy – University of Strathclyde
2006-2010 – BA (Hons) Social Sciences – Glasgow Caledonian University

I have contributed articles on music, politics, video games, comedy and other things to:

The Huffington Post (website), The Guardian (website), STV (website), Chortle (website), Mind Equals Blown (website), Political Promise (website), The Groucho Tendency (website), Punknews.org (website), True Chip Till Death (website), Spill The Zines (website), The Spoof! (website), Strathclyde Telegraph (newspaper), Jeely Pieces (university of strathclyde blog), A Short Fanzine About Rocking (fanzine), Kill Your Own (fanzine), Lights Go Out (fanzine) and Why We Love Pop Music (fanzine).

I have been writing music for a range of media projects and independent video games for a range of different platforms under the names Sycamore Drive and Discount Fireworks. I have contributed music/sound fx to the games:

Pixel Boarder (XBox 360), Blip Arcade (iPhone), Air Tag (iPhone), Flock (iPhone), Dank Dungeons (iPhone), Chromian Wars (iPhone), Super Grid Run (iPhone/Android), Just Keep Swimming (Android), Lune (PC/Mac), Starfall (Nintendo DS Homebrew), Snakestomp (Arcade), Cat & Mouse (Python), Winter Days (Kongregate), I Have Given You Life Now Live (Windows), Arctic Trek (Flash), Choco The Hunter (Flash), Descent (Flash), Dream Fighter (Flash), Tower Commodore (Flash), Zombies And Ice Cream (Flash) and many others.

My music has also been used by The New York Times, PBS, NPR, WFMUBuzzfeedGizmodo, Arts Council England, Portland State University, MShed Museum, Revista OLD Museum (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Koeln International School of Design (Berlin, Germany) and many others.


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