Musical Releases

Sycamore Drive – Kicks / Moves
Digital Single
Released: 20th April 2012

1. Kicks
2. Moves




Sycamore Drive – Chills / Mortimer’s Melody
Limited 7” / Digital Single
Released: 14th August 2011

1. Chills
2. Mortimer’s Melody




Sycamore Drive – The Waves, The Sea EP
Digital EP
Released: 15th August 2010

1. Awaken, Child
2. Happiness
3. The Waves Call Her Name
4. Ocean Breeze
5. Slumber


Sycamore Drive – Sycamore Drive EP
Digital EP
Released: 1st July 2009

1. Untold Story
2. Deep Thought Process
3. City Sounds
4. Hare Versus Tortoise



Other Releases

12/2011 – Discount Fireworks – Flourish
12/2011 – Discount Fireworks – Grande
07/2011 – Discount Fireworks – Dots
07/2011 – Discount Fireworks – Squares
07/2011 – Discount Fireworks – //\

The Atomic Gardens – EP
CD/Digital EP
Released: 9th December 2007

1.Drawing Close
2.Coming Home




Gary Henderson: Vocals
Garry Lee: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jordan Sexton: Rhythm Guitar
Ben Irvine: Bass
Mark Gilroy: Drums

This is the only full-band studio recording of The Atomic Gardens, a short-lived pop rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. It features 2 tracks, Drawing Close and Coming Home.

Download for free at


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