Active Projects

  1. The Chiptune World Database – A work in progress where I attempt to build a comprehensive database of the musicians, labels, designers, live events and blogs involved in the chiptune scene. Over 700+ entries in the musician section alone.

Former Projects

  1. Research into the politics of healthcare-associated infections in Scotland. I have written two dissertations around this topic – The politics of healthcare-associated infections in Scotland (2010) and The Scottish healthcare-associated infections reforms: The dangers of a narrow policy focus combined with public enlightenment (even before crisis) (2011).
  2. Sitcom writing – I spent time between 2011 and 2012 trying to write a sitcom about tabloid journalism. Here’s the blurb – “Linda, a young, innocent English female journalist has to take the first newspaper job she can find in the recession, which ends up being at a mean-spirited local Scottish tabloid. The series follows her attempt to make it big in journalism, despite her only success coming from writing the kind of horrid smear pieces that don’t sit well with her conscience.”. Here’s a script sample.
  3. Forum moderation duties – I have previously moderated for 2 forums – the EK Bands Forum (2004-2006), and (2010). These websites are no longer active.
  4. Music journalism – I have conducted interviews, reviews and features for a range of online and physical publications, mainly around punk music. This started in 2010 through to early 2013. I have largely lost my way as my interest in music has diminished somewhat.

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